SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Update: Through their investigation, CHP has learned that Ward's blood alcohol content registered as three times over the legal limit. 

Ward surrendered on Friday, April 19, 2019.

Original story:

Charges have been filed against the man accused of a drunk driving crash that severely injured a pregnant mother and killed her baby.

Ronny Ward III, 24, has been charged with felony DUI causing injury or death for the April 8 crash.

It happened near M Street and 4th Avenue. Police say Ward was driving in a Jeep westbound on M Street when he suddenly veered to the right for an unknown reason and collided with a parked Chevy Impala.   

Ciara Villegas, a 31-year-old who was six months pregnant at the time, was standing at the left front of the Impala. The collision pushed the Impala into Villegas. She was taken to a local hospital where she had an emergency C-section. Sadly, baby RJ died a few days later.

Ward was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail for the felony DUI charge, along with charges for driving with a suspended license. His bond was set at $150,000.


A previous version of this story incorrectly spelled the name of the accused as Ronnie Ward III. His name has since been fixed to the correct spelling of Ronny Ward III. The date of the crash was also incorrectly listed as April 10. The crash took place on April 8. ABC10 apologies for these mistakes. 


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