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'I am committed to bringing this woman justice,' DA says after Clara 'Claire' Gomez's death

Claire, as she's fondly referred to by those who knew her, was killed after a vehicle involved in a car chase hit her Tuesday night on Main Street.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Clara "Claire" Gomez was killed Tuesday night after being hit by a vehicle on Main St, near the metro station at West Utica Street.

Two vehicles were allegedly involved in a chase that included gun shots, according to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. 

"We are still trying to to determine what caused the initial car chase," Flynn said. 

22-year-old Marlon Severance Jr. has been arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree and Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree.

"The individual in that car was allegedly firing a gun at the car in front of them," Flynn said. "We're not sure yet, what caused them to go off the road and to veer off on the sidewalk."

Flynn says that Gomez was well known his office and Buffalo Police. 

"The victim had a troubled life," Flynn said. "Most people would characterize the victim as an outcast of society."

Flynn referred to Gomez as a loveable menace, well-known and adored in the community, but who struggled with mental health and addiction at times.

"She's actually the kind of person that I'm more inclined to bring justice for, quite frankly," Flynn told 2 On Your Side. "Individuals who are the outcasts of society, who are on the fringe of the life that we have here, are just as important as the queens and the honor students and the CEOs."

"Claire is a human being, and Claire deserves the respect that every human being deserves, no matter what her problems are," Flynn said. "I am committed to bringing this woman justice."

The felony hearing for Severance is set for 9:30 a.m. on Friday, May 26. Flynn says the hearing is sooner than it normally would be due to Memorial Day and courts being closed.  

As the charges stand right now, Severance could be released from jail on Friday, depending on the outcome of the felony hearing. 

"I've got to be able to show that that their gun that was found was actually his gun, and I have to get that done by Friday," Flynn said.

Flynn did not rule out additional charges as the investigation makes progress. 

"I'm in no rush to put the puzzle together on any kind of manslaughter charge, Flynn said. "I've got plenty of time on that, my rush is just under to arrest each arresting charges."

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