SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif. — Two men from the Sacramento area are now in a San Bernardino County jail after being arrested on felony pimping charges.

Angelo Wells, 27 of Sacramento, and Daunte Thurston, 27 of Elk Grove, were arrested on charges of felony pimping and pandering of an adult and violation of parole.

On August 13, investigators with the San Bernardino County Human Trafficking Task Force learned Thurston and Wells had been stopped by Ontario police for a vehicle code violation while driving a 2013 Dodge Charger. Two women, identified as a 26 year old and 24 year old from Sacramento, were also in the back seat of the car.

Police had discovered both Wells and Thurston were on active parole out of Sacramento for multiple violent felonies related to car jacking, assault with a firearm, burglary, and robbery.

As police searched the car, they found one of the women was in possession of thousands of dollars.

Once police learned that Wells and Thurston were staying at a nearby hotel, they did a search of that room and found evidence consistent with prostitution.

According to the sheriffs department, both of the women in the car were active prostitutes for Wells and Thurston.

Wells and Thurston were booked into San Bernardino County's West Valley Detention Center. Wells' bail was set at $500,000, while Thurston is being held without bail pending a hearing on his parole violation.

081719 daunte thurston, Aneglo Ross Wells
Daunte Thurston (L) and Aneglo Wells (R) were arrested on felony pimping charges in San Bernardino County.
San Bernardino County Sherrif's Department

The investigation is ongoing, and investigators believe there are other unidentified victims related to the case. Anyone with information related to the investigation can call the San Bernardino County Human Trafficking Task Force at 909-387-8400.

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