FRESNO, Calif. — A family in Fresno looking for answers after 10 people were shot, four of them killed, in what investigators are calling a targeted shooting on Sunday.

They were all gathered together watching Sunday Night Football when officials said at least two people entered the property through the backyard and started shooting. No one has been arrested yet.

During a candlelight vigil Monday night, you didn’t have to understand their language to see their pain.

Kou Xiong, 38, leaves behind a wife and daughter who is in kindergarten. His father owns the home where the shooting happened.

Neejkhov Xiong is Kou’s uncle, but he always considered him a son.

“By the time I got here I couldn’t get around my brother’s house right here,” Neejkhov said. “I suffered through the whole night. I couldn’t sleep.”

Fresno Shooting Vigil 2
Ananda Rochita

Neejkhov prayed in front of a table full of candles and photos of Kou.

“This is what I do for my mom and my dad when they get sickness and die. They do the same thing,” Neejkhov said. “Here I show my son, my nephew. I respect him.”

At night, several family members and friends came out to pray and remember Kou and the three other people killed. Behind each candle, their grief and sadness couldn’t be hidden.

Kou’s wife and daughter broke down and left before the vigil ended.

On Monday night, as they came together, they prayed for the ones they lost and for answers as to who is responsible.

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