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'I don't know if my child suffered' | Family of Jasmine Menina desperate for answers in her unsolved death | Unsolved California

Not much is known how Jasmine Menina died. Her family is still waiting for an autopsy report from the Sacramento County Coroner's Office.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — A family desperate for answers is asking for help after their daughter, sister Jasmin Menina was found dead near Sacramento. 

Little is known about what happened to Jasmin Menina but someone knows something. James Menina is desperate to know what happened to his 26-year-old daughter. 

"She had the most beautiful smile in the world," James Menina said. "I want my baby back. She didn't deserve this. She never hurt nobody." 

Jasmine Menina's body was found on June 10 just after 2 p.m. in a remote area off of Northgate Boulevard and Highway 160.  

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Sacramento police told ABC10 that Jasmine Menina appeared to have been there for some time because her body was in an advanced stage of decomposition.

James Menina and Melanie Menina, his other daughter tell ABC10 that Jasmine Menina never visited this area. They said she was last seen alive late May when she left her mother's home in Merced to head to her father's home in  Sacramento. 

There's a long path of tents and got to a path where it wasn't a path," said Melanie Menina. "When we finally found the area we were in shock because it was something you would see in a scary movie."

Melanie Menina said her sister would always check in with family, especially her daughter Jalysa.

"Everything felt normal," Melanie Menina said. "She was leaving my moms house and she was on Amtrak. She was missing and we would ask around. She never goes without speaking to her daughter."

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The Sacramento County Coroner's office says they are waiting on a toxicology report to come back before ruling a cause of death. The coroner said a timeline like this is typical. Sacramento County Homicide detectives are assigned to the case.  

The Menina family protested outside the Sacramento Police station because they believed they should have received answers by now. 

"I have nothing," James Menina said. "I don't know if my child suffered. I don't know nothing. Nothing."

Sacramento Police and they say they are continuing to investigate but would not share more details. 

Anyone who knows anything about Jasmin Menina's death are urged to contact the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-7463. 

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