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'Jugging' | Police warn of thieves following victims before robberies

Authorities said people should be vigilant, be aware of their surrounding and their situational awareness.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A new video and a warning highlight concerns about crooks following victims as they try to steal their belongings.

"I think if there's anything I could tell people is: be aware of your surroundings," Liz Kayser, a Texas jugging victim, told ABC affiliate WFAA.

A video out of Texas shows the suspect checking the car door and seconds later, using a tool to break the window. He flings his whole body inside, which gets Kayser's attention.

“I knew when he was on the seat what he was after. I started screaming 'get out of my car, get out of my car,' she told WFAA.

They were after the money she just withdrew from the bank and had followed her to the gas to station. The act is called jugging. It's when a criminal waits for someone to into a store, bank or ATM, and follows them to another location before robbing them.

"My son said, 'Mom, I know he took the money and some other items, but he didn't hurt you. That's what matters,'" she told WFAA.

Something similar happened at a Best Buy store on Pacific Avenue in Stockton. 

Detectives say a woman was followed from the Best Buy to a nearby grocery store for her new laptop. Detectives say this security video shows the suspect breaking into to her car finding the laptop hidden under the floorboard.

"The laptop was out of the public view, but he knew the laptop was there because he had stalked her from the Best Buy," Detective Steve Jacobson with the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office told ABC10.

After obtaining security video from the Best Buy, detectives identified the suspect and made an arrest. 

From Texas to Northern California, criminals were following victims and moving in broad daylight. Detectives said people should be vigilant, be aware of their surrounding and their situational awareness.


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