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Modesto woman injured in fatal shooting while visiting Oakland

Zoa Martin was shot in the arm amid a triple shooting that left one man dead while she was visiting Oakland on August 29.

MODESTO, Ill. — What was supposed to be a fun night in Oakland for a new Modesto mom turned into a nightmare after she was caught in the middle of a deadly shootout on Aug. 29.

The back window of the car that Zoa Martin was riding in was shattered by a bullet. Martin says the bullet went through her arm and grazed her friend in the head. Martin spent hours in surgery, but she's not certain that she’ll regain the full use of her hand.

“The bullet went all the way through, but it shattered my bone," Martin said. "So I have a metal plate right here. And then thank God, my nerves were not hit, but these are how my hands are right now. I can’t really move my hands.” 

Oakland police said the shooting happened at the 1900 block of Broadway in Oakland. One man arrived at the hospital with gunshot wounds where he later died. Martin and another woman were treated for gunshot wounds.

Neither the identities of the deceased victim or the shooter have been released by law enforcement.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for those who would like to help Martin as she recovers. Homicide investigators told ABC10 that they are still working to learn more about what led up to this deadly shooting.

“What am I going to do?" Martin said. "Because of this random act of violence, I got hit in the crossfire. I exhausted all of my sick hours, and I am just pretty much out of work now with no pay, with a new baby.”

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