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'Thank God, it wasn't my time' | Oakland man says he may be victim of serial killer

The man was shot at in Oakland on March 30 by a man dressed all in black and a covered face

STOCKTON, Calif. — An Oakland man said he may be another victim of the elusive potential serial killer that has shot six people in Stockton, killing five, and shooting and killing another man in Oakland last year.

"I guess thank God, it wasn't my time," said the man who wanted his identity concealed.

It happened on Wednesday night March 30 of this year around 8 p.m. The man says he pulled up to his friend's house to have dinner in Oakland and that he had just called her to let her know he arrived.

"When I looked up, I saw someone standing in front of me with a ski mask on and gloves, and they started to raise a gun. As soon as they started to raise a gun, I was pretty much parked with my car all the way off. I had to duck, and when I ducked, the first bullet went through my headrest," he said.

He immediately put his car in reverse and crashed into a parked car and a wall. He believes 12 to 15 shots were fired at him before he was able to get out.

The shooting left his car riddled with bullets and heavily damaged.

"I eventually made my way out of the passenger side and jumped through some fences and hid in a laundry mat," he said.

While he wasn't hit, he believes the shooter may be the person of interest shown in a short video clip shown by Stockton Police last week.

Credit: Stockton Police

The department says it has received a "ton of tips," but no one else has come forward claiming to be a shooting victim.

The man shot in Oakland says he has no enemies and can't understand why he was shot at.

"This doesn't make sense. It's like somebody with gloves and a ski mask is shooting at a random person that they don't know. I don't know them. They don't know me," he added.

The victim says he was told by Oakland Police a gun was recovered but wasn't told where.

The Oakland Police Department says if a police report was filed "we can research it and reach out to the investigator and advise this updated information so they can contact them."

Stockton Police does want to talk with the man.

There is a $125,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the possible serial killer. Call the police tip line at 209-937-8167 or email a tip at policetips@stocktonca.gov.


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