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San Joaquin Sheriff starts 'Protocol Investigation' after jail house confrontation

The Stockton man says he did "nothing wrong" after he came out of a jail cell badly bruised and beaten by officers.

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, Calif. — San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Withrow announced there will be a "Protocol Investigation" into the jail house confrontation between his officers and 29-year old Jacob Servin of Stockton.

"We are going to be open and honest about the incidents we're involved in, and we're fortunate to have people around us and will help us in these situations and make sure that the truth comes out," said Withrow, at an afternoon news conference.

The "Protocol Investigation" will involve not only the San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office but the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office and the Stockton Police Department. 

"So, this multi-team (agency)... ensures the integrity and the trust and transparency of this process and allows us to bring in the best and brightest from the teams that we work with to do an independent investigation," said San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar, who says these types of investigations are "not unusual" and have been around since 1993.

The investigation stems from the arrest of Servin, who works as a pipe maintenance handler, and was last Sunday night by Stockton Police.

Servin says he was sitting in the front passenger seat of his car around midnight Sunday night with a female friend, and says she was behind the wheel.

The car was parked outside of Basil's, a bar and restaurant on Grand Canal Blvd near March Lane in Stockton. 

Servin says they both had a "couple drinks" and were talking about calling an Uber ride.

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He said that's when Stockton Police officers came upon them. Both Servin and his friend were led out of the car and arrested for public intoxication.

Servin says after he was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp and was placed in a holding cell.

He says he was called racist names like "terrorist" and "Arab" and beaten by three officers for "no reason."

In video released by the San Joaquin County Sheriff yesterday, it shows Servin being escorted into the cell with no visible injuries. Over an hour later, he is escorted out of the cell with his face bloodied and bruised.

According to the sheriff's office, when one of Servin's handcuffs was removed in the cell, he became combative by kicking officers and trying to bite another.

"I want justice to be met, dude. Like, you see my record. I'm not a consistent criminal and I'm not," said Servin during an interview with ABC 10 on Wednesday. "I got a DUI and traffic stuff on my record. I'm not always in jail. You know I live a good life. I live an honest life. You know this isn't right. So, obviously I'm going to press charges. And, you know, the officer who did this to me needs to be dealt with."

After examining the video, the confrontation lasts seven minutes from the time Servin is placed in the cell to the time officers close the cell door and leave.

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Servin says it lasted 20 minutes.

There is no video of the confrontation because state law does not allow cameras in jail cells.

The sheriff says Servin was uncooperative during the booking process, not answering medical screening questions and "moving around during the pat down process," which led him to be placed in the temporary cell.

The sheriff's office says normally a cooperative person would be allowed to sit in the lobby and watch tv for a public intoxication arrest while they sobered-up.

"We've had new witnesses that we haven't had a chance to interview now. So, the protocol team will handle that," said Withrow.

Stockton Police also clarified the reason why an officers showed-up at Servin's car.

Police Captain Eric Kane said Stockton Police received a call of a woman passed out behind the wheel of a car about 11 p.m. Sunday night. 

"An initial review of our officers body worn camera shows that both subjects were highly intoxicated and had no apparent visible injuries," said Kane.

Asked if the body cam video would be released, Kane said that "is something we'll have to determine after the protocol investigation."

During the news conference, Withrow said he is now working on getting body cameras for his in-custody officers.

"We've been attempting to get cameras on our officers in-custody, but, you know, we have about 300 of them and it's very pricey. So, we're still striving to get body worn cameras in custody," said Withrow.

Verber Salazar says the Protocol Investigation should take a "couple months."

The sheriff said his department has been contacted by a lawyer representing Servin.

We reached out to Servin today for comment. 

However, he did not respond to ABC10's request.

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ABC10 Exclusive; San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Withrow talks Stockton man beating

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