RIPON, Calif. — A trio of alleged burglary suspects were arrested following efforts from multiple witnesses in Ripon. 

Ripon police had responded around 1:21 p.m. on Mar. 11 to the 100 block Ruess Road and West Main Street regarding a report of a residential burglary that appeared to just have occurred. The suspects were said to have been fleeing the area in a vehicle.

After locating the vehicle heading eastbound on West Main Street, police did a traffic stop on South Wilma Avenue near Second Street as more officers arrived. 

After conducting a high-risk stop, officers took the three occupants into custody safely, detaining them while they investigated the incident.

The victim told police that he had seen a male approach his home twice, ring the doorbell both times, and, after doing so, walk away. Moments later, the male victim heard a noise in his side yard and saw a masked person coming through the side gate. 

It's believed that the suspect saw the victim through the window, at which time, two suspects were said to have been seen fleeing the area on foot.

A witness saw the two suspects with masks and bandanna's covering their faces running toward a vehicle, which was occupied by a third suspect. 

Police said that as the suspect vehicle fled it was followed by another witness, who provided a travel direction to police dispatch. 

Three male suspects were identified as 17, 16, and 15 year old juveniles out of Manteca. Authorities say that they will be booked into the San Joaquin County Juvenile Detention Center on charges of attempted burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime. 


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