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Husband's stolen ashes returned to Roseville widow

Earlier this week, a woman sought help in finding her husband's remains, which were stole from her home.
Credit: Courtesy Mimi Lopez-Waverly
Roseville Widow receives recovered ashes of her late husband.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — A woman in Roseville was devastated after someone broke into her home and stole her husband's ashes on Dec.13. A few days later, she is thankful and happy because her husband's remains have been found.

Mimi Lopez-Waverly said her husband's ashes were found earlier this week after she asked for the public's help.

Lopez-Waverly said the remains were found by a maintenance worker at Mahany Park in Roseville. She said she wants to meet the worker who found it and give him a big hug because he has made her Christmas.

Lopez-Waverly asked if the City of Roseville and the police department could make this meeting possible so she can thank the person that found her husband's remains. 

On Monday, Lopez-Waverly told ABC10 that the burglar, or burglars, came into her home through a window in her guest room, before going into her bedroom and taking the ashes.

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“You can visualize a box that stood back here and there was like a little dish here with his ring, his wedding band, his St. Christopher, his watch and everything that I left here," Lopez-Waverly said.

Lopez-Waverly, whose husband died in 2016, said she believes the alleged thief confused the box her husband's remains were in for a jewelry box because there was jewelry in front of the box.

She  said losing her husband's cremated remains has been like losing him all over again. She said she’s going through the grieving process.

"I don't have anything of him now,” Lopez-Waverly said when she asked for help. “I don't feel him here now anymore like I did before, because I knew he was here. So it's just — I can't. There are no words to describe the pain you go through when somebody does that to you."

Roseville police said no other details are available about the theft at this time. The department is still investigating the incident. 

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RELATED: Roseville widow asking for help recovering husband's cremated remains

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