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How Mayor Steinberg plans to address recent shootings in Old Sacramento

Steinberg said he'll use the $5 million already approved from the American Relief Act to address security issues in Old Sacramento after recent shooting.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A recent shooting in Old Sacramento that left two people in the hospital marks the third of its kind in the area within the last three months.    

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg told ABC10 that he's got a five-point plan to tackle the violence.

 "Increase our police presence," Steinberg said. "Increase our code enforcement presence. Improve the lighting. Have more security, and increase our interventions for young people."   

Steinberg said he'll use the $5 million already approved from the American Relief Act. The city council could vote on the specifics next week or so.

Sacramento Police Department said the shooting in Old Sacramento on Monday was an isolated incident after a fight between two groups. With many shootings happening nearby, ABC10 asked Mayor Steinberg if the area was safe.  

"I think Old Sacramento is by and large safe, and yes, there have been some very troubling incidents," Steinberg said. 

Steinberg said Sacramento police seized more than 1,000 illegal guns this year. Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn dedicated officers specifically to Old Sacramento in response to the recent crime.

 In July, four people were shot, killing two of them. In August, a man was shot and killed alongside the Old Sacramento Waterfront. 

Gregg Sumbardo, an Old Sacramento resident told ABC10 that he noticed a difference in the area for some time. 

"I've always felt really safe here in Sacramento. I walk around at night time and no one has ever bothered me. But within the last year or so, the gunshots are more frequent."

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership released a statement saying, "we need to be doing everything we can to support welcoming employees and visitors back. Our success depends on our ability to keep our streets and public spaces secure." 

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