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Sacramento's fireworks task force is back. This year it's adding eyes in the sky.

There is a zero tolerance policy for illegal fireworks. If that fireworks goes up in the sky, it is usually illegal.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It won't be long before you hear a loud boom or two in your neighborhood. With the 4th of July approaching, illegal fireworks tend to make their way into the city of Sacramento. 

To stop illegal fireworks and the danger they bring, the city of Sacramento has implemented a Fireworks Mitigation Task Force for the second year.

The Fireworks Mitigation Task Force will again be working for five weeks, starting from June 1 until July 5. There will be 14 Sacramento Police Department Officers/Supervisors and three Sacramento City Fire Investigators/Supervisors on the team. 

This year, the team has added support from above. There will be eyes in the sky to keep everything safe and sane on the ground.


During the task force efforts in 2018, Sacramento Police confiscated over 2,333 pounds of illegal fireworks, arrested three people for felony related charges, and cited 13 people for misdemeanor charges. 

Sacramento police are warning residents not to use any illegal fireworks.

Illegal fireworks are those without the State Fire Marshall stamp imprinted upon them. 

It's no problem to use the safe and sane ones though, but you can use them only from noon on June 28 to midnight on July 5.

To report the use of illegal fireworks in the City of Sacramento, sending an email is best. Send the email to fireworks@pd.cityofsacramento.org.

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