STOCKTON, Calif. — A San Joaquin County Sheriff's deputy was hit by a man suspected of drunk driving while directing traffic on I-5 Saturday, a sheriff's office spokesperson said.

Deputy Andrea Lopez said an off-duty deputy came across a disturbance on northbound I-5 near Eighth Street in Stockton. The off-duty deputy called the sheriff's office to report that people were outside of their cars and on the verge of fighting on the highway, Lopez said. The disturbance caused traffic to slow down.

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A deputy responded to the scene and began directing traffic when he was hit by a car that was trying to bypass traffic on the side of the road, according to Lopez.

Cesar Zamora-Gonzalez was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for driving under the influence and assault with a deadly weapon, Lopez said.

She said the deputy suffered non-life threatening injuries. 

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