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South Lake Tahoe police investigating multiple reports of drugged drinks at bars

Police said they're investigating multiple cases of people being drugged through drinks at local bars.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The South Lake Tahoe Police Department is investigating reports of drugged drinks that they said have landed people in the hospital.

In a Facebook post, police said their detectives have been investigating the reports this week. According to police, the incidents have happened at local bars.

"Obviously, the best way to prevent drinks being drugged is to find whoever is doing this and stop them," the department said on Facebook. "Until we find out who that is, we need our community to take preventative measures to protect themselves."

The department suggests calling the police immediately if you think you have had a contaminated drink or see anything suspicious at local bars.

Police also provided tips to stay safe that included staying hydrated, knowing your limits, drink slowly, monitoring your intoxication level, keeping your drink covered, never taking a drink from a stranger, taking your drink back to the bartender if you think something is wrong with it, watching your drinks as they get made, and never leaving your drink unattended.

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