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Amazon says delivery driver didn't remove package from Manteca home | Update

"I just couldn’t understand why that guy would want to put his job in jeopardy, not even knowing what’s in that package," said Grover Johnson, an Amazon customer

MANTECA, Calif. — Update:
 Amazon and the delivery driver both tell ABC10 that the driver did not take the customer’s package. The driver said he realized only after placing the package past the customer’s front gate that delivery instructions asked him to leave it by the garage, which is why he is seen in the customer's security video retrieving the parcel. The driver said he then left the package by the garage, as directed, and returned to his vehicle. An Amazon spokesperson told ABC10 in a statement that “the delivery driver in this story did not steal any packages.” 

The customer, Grover Johnson, told reporter Luke Cleary he stands by his story. Manteca Police confirmed they received no report of a theft in this incident. Johnson said he didn’t bother and that Amazon eventually re-delivered the package.

Original Story:
An Amazon customer in Manteca said on Saturday morning that a package appeared to be stolen from his entryway... by the delivery driver. 

Surveillance video shows the driver drops off the package, taking a confirmation photo with his phone, before snatching the package and leaving. 

"The systematic way he went about it really confused me," said Grover Johnson, an Amazon customer. "To toss it in real quick, take a picture, crawl back in, take it and leave."

After watching the video from on his security system, Johnson said he searched around the house to find no trace of the package.  

Credit: Grover Johnson

"I just couldn’t understand why that guy would want to put his job in jeopardy, not even knowing what’s in that package," Johnson said. 

As for the driver, what did he get? A pair of padded sleeves that Johnson ordered for his grandson's peewee football practice.

ABC10 sought answers from Amazon on Saturday, but a spokesperson said she would "circle back" on Monday after looking into it. 

Johnson said this is not the first time that a package has gone missing or stolen, but that he was glad to have caught this incident on camera.

"Before, I didn't have any footage to prove my innocence or to prove that it was actually stolen, and not misplaced," Johnson said. 

An Amazon representative contacted Johnson Saturday after seeing the video to offer an apology and that they will conduct an investigation. 

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