STOCKTON, Calif. — "It's a real bummer," Ryan Dixon, technology teacher at Stockton's Aspire Langston Hughes Academy School, said after 32 student laptops were stolen from a classroom earlier this year. 

Stockton Police say two male suspects broke into the school around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 21, then opened a rear window to a classroom. The laptops were locked up, but the suspects still managed to get to them. The computers were valued at $12,000. A projector was also stolen.

Stockton Stolen Laptops Suspect
Stockton Police say the two male suspects entered the school grounds on skateboards around 5:30 PM on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, then opened a rear window to a classroom.
Stockton Police Department

"We use the Chromebooks primarily to push materials to our students," Dixon said. "So it's where they can get access to their homework, they can communicate with their teachers. It's a great platform for our teachers to be able to communicate with parents as well."

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In the interim, Dixon says the school is trying to pool its resources. He says some teachers are having, "to switch to old school approaches."

"We're trying to figure out exactly why these suspects targeted this school. And, that's another reason why we want to get them off the streets and hold them accountable for their actions," Officer Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Department, said. "If they could do this at this school, they could do this at another school."

Police say if you recognize the suspects, call Stockton Crime Stoppers at 209-946-0600.

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