The third suspect in an early Friday morning Turlock home invasion remains on the loose.

Authorities say some of the suspects were impersonating police during the armed robbery. Some of that police-type has been recovered, according to the Turlock Police Department, but there is concern more clothing might be outstanding.

On Friday at 1:30 a.m., Turlock police were called to a home invasion on Boxwood Way. The suspects allegedly discharged a firearm during the robbery, according to police. No one was injured during this incident.

Responding officers spotted the suspects' car in the area and attempted to pull it over. Two suspects, 18-year-old Juan Lugogarcia and an unidentified 17-year-old, were arrested after a short police pursuit.

Police are still looking for the third suspect, who is possibly an adult male. Two firearms believed to have been used in the crime are also missing, and the third suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.

Turlock PD warns the public:

As a citizen, you can ask for identification from a police officer or contact that officers department to verify their employment. If you are stopped while driving your vehicle by an unmarked police vehicle, pull over in a well-lit and or well-populated area. Be extra cautions if the person who has stopped you is wearing plain clothing or a partial uniform. If you suspect the person stopping or contacting you is not an officer call 9-1-1 immediately. Please remember, if you flee from an actual officer without justification you could be charged with a crime.