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UC Davis sees rise in opportunistic crime on campus

UC Davis Police Chief Joseph Farrow said the university is not alone in experiencing a rise in crimes of opportunity.

DAVIS, Calif — The UC Davis campus has seen a rise in crime, specifically for crimes of opportunity.

UC Davis Police Chief Joseph Farrow released a public statement about the recent break-ins that are occurring on the school campus and the recent string of crimes that are happening around the city of Davis. 

"Our university is not unique in experiencing a rise in opportunistic crimes, such as people stealing valuables left in plain sight or from offices and buildings left unsecured," Farrow said in a statement. 

UC Davis Communications Spokesperson Andy Fell spoke to ABC10 about the recent break-ins.

Fell said the break-ins have been occurring since the beginning of Sept., usually at night during the weekend. The most recent one happened on Oct. 13, Fell said.

Someone broke into one of the offices in the engineering building, Fell said. Nothing was stolen.   


In less than a month, five people were robbed at gunpoint within the city of Davis. 

"I want to emphasize Davis and UC Davis is pretty safe," Fell said. "The community shouldn't assume nothing happens here. We do have crime like any other community."

Farrow said in his statement that UC Davis has safety and security projects underway, such as lighting enhancement, security cameras and emergency call box installations. 

The UC Davis Police department's website also has tips for safety and security for tips. 

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