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VIDEO: Sacramento police release dash and body cam footage of shootout outside grocery store

Several body and dash camera clips of the April 11 incident were released on Monday. Officers wounded an attempted homicide suspect.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — The Sacramento Police Department on Monday released footage of officers shooting a man, who was wanted for attempted homicide in Marysville, in the parking lot of a south Sacramento Foods Co. shopping center.

Several body and dashcam camera clips of the April 11 incident were released on Monday. In the footage, the officers can be seen responding to the area to look for a suspect.

The suspect jumps out of his vehicle, draws a handgun, and begins to fire at the officers. Two officers in the video then return fire as the man runs to the far end of the lot. 

Body cam footage also shows officers aiding two individuals caught in their car in the middle of the crossfire. However, there are no other details on this pair at this time. 

(Warning: The below video is the full, unedited body camera footage released by Sacramento Police Department. The images and sounds are graphic and may not be suitable for everyone.)

The department said officers tried to de-escalate the situation. There are calls for the individual to put the weapon down, and the suspect reportedly moves away from the gun under police direction. Officers then safely take the suspect into custody. 

Chief Daniel Hahn said in a statement that releasing this footage is not only in compliance with state law, but it a "good practice in being transparent with our community."

"I'm so glad that they were there as opposed to other community members or somebody else, to handle the situation that obviously was very violent and volatile," Hahn said. 

The suspect is in stable condition and is receiving medical treatment. The investigation is still ongoing. 



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