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'Voter intimidation': Note at door told voter to cancel registration, Yolo County DA says

The Yolo County District Attorney's Facebook page called the note a case of voter intimidation and harassment.

YOLO COUNTY, Calif. — Days from the 2020 election, officials said they're launching an investigation into what they said was "clearly case of voter intimidation and harassment based on racial profiling" in Yolo County.

In message posted to Facebook, the Yolo County District Attorney's page said a note was left on a voter's door that said non-citizens were not allowed to vote and that the voter should cancel their voter registration.

Officials said the victim in the case was an eligible voter.

According to the DA's Facebook post, the note said "If you are not a citizen, you are not allowed to vote," and “Complete a state voter registration cancellation form to return it to the county election office."

Officials called the incident an act of voter suppression and voter intimidation.

"We both hope that this an isolated incident, however, if you, or someone you know, has experienced similar voter intimidation tactics, please contact the Yolo County Elections Office or the Yolo County District Attorney’s office," the post said.

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