SAN DIEGO — Some people brew their own beer or ferment their own wine but it's 2019 and in California and you can now grow your own cannabis. And if you're interested in growing your green thumb Marc Emmelmann from Green Carpet Growing can help you.

"We keep it simple and sensible. We show people how easy it is to grow cannabis at home," Emmelmann said.

Emmelmann's company offers classes that start people on the right track to having their own grow room in their house.

If you're interested, there are a few tips you should know. One person is legally allowed to grow six plants. Most cities require you to grow them inside. However, cities like Oceanside and Chula Vista allow you to grow the plants in your backyard. If you rent, you must check with your landlord before you decide to add some weed to your garden. Lastly, you can't sell what you grow.