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Empower your child to become the family reader

Children reading aloud builds confidence for young readers.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — For this month's Everyday Learning, we focus on empowering your child to become the family reader. 

Let your child take the lead when you are reading. Allow your child to choose the book to share with the family. Pre-readers can narrate the pictures or “read” a favorite they know by heart. Encourage reading to family members. Older children can read to younger siblings. Children can read to pets or stuffed animals or kids can call family members to share story time over the phone or video chat.

When you empower your child to be the family reader, you’re helping build their confidence. Older children often build literacy skills and confidence when they read to younger siblings. Younger children see good reading behaviors and benefit from exposure to higher-level books they aren’t yet able to read on their own.

Make reading together fun and judgment-free. Don’t worry about pronunciation. Be silly and play with voices and read with expression.

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