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Learning to embrace interruptions from our children | Everyday Learning

Interruptions can be a great opportunity to help your child learn

CALIFORNIA, USA — Everyday Learning is a monthly educational series in partnership with the Sacramento Public Library and sponsored by Fortune School of Education. This month we're exploring the topic of embracing interruptions. 

As you’re reading with your child, they may have the tendency to interrupt. As frustrating as it might be, interruptions occur for good reasons. It’s an invitation to help your child learn.

Your child may interrupt a book to indicate that they have gaps in understanding. You can model looking up definitions or using context clues. Sometimes, children may interrupt when they encounter topics that delight them and they want to have a conversation about it. Taking time to talk helps develop vocabulary especially around emotions, the mechanics of conversation, and helps your child make connections between the book and the world.

So, when your child interrupts a story embrace that moment– even if you don’t finish the book. A conversation is just as meaningful.

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