SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Located in the California Capitol, Sacramento State University finds itself in the center of the state's political and cultural center.

Sacramento State majors are everything from educators and nurses to scientists and government leaders. The university has even produced a noted in film marker Ryan Coogler, known for being the director of movies like Black Panther and Creed.


Sacramento State had humble beginnings, starting from rented rooms at Sacramento Junior College until moving to a permanent site between the Union Pacific railroad tracks and the American River in 1953.

Also in 1953 was the genesis of Sacramento State's urban forest, which now has more than 3,500 trees.

By 1972, Sacramento State became a university. And 67 years after it first opened, Sacramento State enrolled 29,000 students for the first time. The campus now has more than 30,000 students.

What are people are graduating in:

Sacramento State has 58 undergraduate majors, 31 graduate degrees available, six post-baccalaureate certificates, and three doctoral degrees. Here are the most popular majors for Sac State students went for in the 2017 school year:

  • Communication Studies
  • Child Development
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice

Some of their notable alumni include Ryan Coogler (graduate of 2007 in Business Administration) and Dale Carlsen owner and CEO of Sleep Train Mattress Center. Tom Hanks even attended the university with a major in Drama after transferring from Chabot College in Hayward.


Sacramento State's highlights include far more than famous alumni. They've been recognized for effort in upper division student housing, and they are also pushing forward on a science building for students.

- New housing for upper division students

It's not common for universities to have housing for their upper division students. Often times, these rooms are prioritized for the incoming freshman and sophomore students.

However, at Sacramento State, the wheels are in motion for them to break ground on a complex that will provide 284 apartments and more than 1,000 beds for their students.

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- Olli Fleet Challenge winner to try driverless shuttles

In 2019, Sacramento State is rolling out a driverless shuttle pilot program for the campus' spring semester along Moraga Pathway between Amador Hall and Bay Laurel Way.

The trial falls in line with their sustainability efforts like campus recycling and the Living Building Challenge.

- Planetarium and the new Science Complex

Nearly every student who attends Sacramento State will see this new Science Complex.

The university is constructing a new science building with modern chemistry and biology labs, an observatory, and a planetarium. One of the standout features will be the glass walls, which are expected to be throughout the building, that can function as whiteboards.

Additionally, their planetarium will hold 120 seats that will show a full-dome, high-definition sky show; it will also have a roll-back rooftop observatory housing Sac State’s two telescopes.

- Tree Campus USA 2018

Sacramento State has more than 400 different tree species with over 3,500 trees on campus; they were designated as a "Tree Campus USA" for the sixth consecutive year in 2018. Sacramento State was the sixth California university to earn the designation in 2012.

Their campus Ginkgo trees have also received attention due to the creative efforts of Joanna Hedrick, a Sac State counselor who arranges the golden leaves into works of art.

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