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UC Davis surgeons teach Sacramento High School students surgical skills

Sacramento Charter High School has a Math, Engineering and Health Sciences subject, and the senior class got a chance to learn from UC Davis surgeons.
Credit: Matt George ABC10
Sacramento Charter High School Students learning about surgery from surgeons at UC Davis's Medical Center.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Students at Sacramento Charter High School took a field trip today to UC Davis Medical Center to get hands-on surgical experience. 

Sacramento Charter High School is a public college preparatory, independent charter high school, operated by St. HOPE Public Schools. Their mission is to prepare students who are motivated, involved in their community, and critical thinking leaders to graduate and earn a degree from a four-year college. 

Sacramento Charter High School has a Math, Engineering, and Health Sciences subject, and the senior class got the chance to learn about different injuries from the surgeons themselves, just a mile away from the school's campus. 

Sacramento Charter High School's motto is "service for others," and the school lives up to that with various opportunities for their students. There are community service opportunities for students to develop a strong sense of civic responsibility while giving back to their community.

"When we learn about stuff, it's not really from the people themselves; it's usually us watching videos of them," Ebony Jones, senior at Sacramento Charter High School, said. "To actually be here and to be able to do a field trip during COVID is really good for us."

The seniors did everything from cutting metal to drilling practice skulls. They also learned about how surgeries operate and who makes up a team of head and neck surgeons. 

Not only did the surgeons take time to teach these students but they are also inspiring them and exposing them to real-world situations that could help them save lives.  

"We had to cut the metal and size it to the jaw, use a drill and screw it in," Jones said. "We’ve been learning from the medical team and the professors about what they do and who gets them their supplies to help."

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