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This Tupac album cover was designed by an artist from Texas. His work is now up for grabs on a Dallas auction site

"Riskie Forever" was the artist that painted Tupac's cover for his "Don Killuminati" album. He says the rapper saw the finished product the day before he was shot.

DALLAS — All eyes are on a popular painting and it's price tag as it's up for auction through a Dallas website.

The bidding battle has begun for the framed cover art of Tupac Shakur's album, "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory." 

According to the auction site, the album became one of the rapper's most memorable projects. It was released shortly after he died from a shooting in September 1996.

The "7 Day Theory" cover was painted by an artist from Frisco, Texas, who goes by the name "Riskie Forever." 

People are now bidding for the painting through Heritage Auctions in Dallas. As of early Tuesday afternoon, the piece had a bidding of more than $77,000.

According to the painting description, Riskie started working with Death Row Records after Suge Knight showed Tupac with art portfolio. He said in an interview that his first day on the job was the same day that Snoop Dogg was acquitted for murder.

He also said that he showed the final "7 Day" cover to Tupac the day before he was shot.

"It was Sept. 6, 1996, and I went to visit him in Malibu, California, as Suge wanted a first draft by then," he said. "Pac loved it, he was in good spirits and thanked me for making what was in his head a reality."  

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