The day after Christmas, the small town of Newman woke up to tragic news.

Newman corporal Ronil Singh was shot to death during a traffic stop. Family and friends have been mourning the loss of the officer. Those who knew him best said he always went "above and beyond the call of duty."

Harinder Singh Toor, of Modesto, was a friend of Singh's. He described his late friend as a, "phenomenal guy." 

"It was above good and great. His characteristics can't be defined," Toor said. "I don't know how to express my words for him because the guy went above and beyond the call of duty."

As you can imagine, Toor has been going through a difficult time dealing with the loss of his friend.

"I'm in disbelief," Toor said. "I'm in a state of shock because he was so full of life. He loved the outdoors. He loved his family. He was a great person to hang out with."

When asked about the one thing that Toor will miss the most about Singh, his answer was simple. 

"His smile," Toor said. "That guy had a genuine smile. Not because he wanted something from you, but he just loved smiling."

Toor realizes that it will take some time to get over the death of Officer Singh.

"God took a wonderful soul. And God does take the good ones early and he did take my dear friend."

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