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24-hour turnaround: Placer County restaurants scramble to meet Gov. Newsom's mandate

The tightening of restrictions will impact Thanksgiving reservations for restaurants in Placer County.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom's COVID-19 announcements are not sitting well with many Placer County businesses.

Restrictions were tightened on several counties, including Placer County, requiring businesses to end indoor dining and move it back outside. Restaurants are now scrambling to make new plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

In Roseville, Sienna Restaurant owner Mark Fucci is having some mixed feelings about the changes. 

“Frustrated for sure and nervous,” Fucci said. “We are trying to order tents, heaters, but everything is on backorder.” 

Fucci operates four different Sienna Restaurants in California and Nevada, all of which were upgraded to meet indoor dining guidelines. The plan was to be open for Thanksgiving. 

“We had thousands of reservations between the restaurants. We are obviously going to have to cancel them,” Fucci said.

News of coronavirus restrictions tightening is also not sitting well with the Roseville Chamber of Commerce

“Twenty-four hours notice? That is unacceptable,” Executive Director Wendy Gerig said. 

Gerig has seen many of her clients struggle with meeting state guidelines for indoor dining. Closing any restaurant on such short notice comes at a big loss.

“I focus on restaurants because many have their food ordered for the week. What are they supposed to do with that food?” Gerig said.

State restrictions have not been welcome in Placer County. Supervisors in the past said they will not enforce the state's restrictions. When ABC10 asked if that lack of enforcement will continue, Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt did not hold back. 

“The enforcement of the governors’ mandates are more damaging than beneficial,” Weygandt said. 

He also believes Placer County Code Enforcement should not have to enforce the mandates. Code enforcement is a little different in Roseville, according to Councilmember Scott Alvord. 

“The city will follow up on all code enforcement calls. They are not proactive, they are reactive. So, when they get a fall they always follow up,” Alvord said.

Alvord said he has lots of compassion for business owners and their employees, and the city is doing what they can to promote takeout and safe business at local restaurants. 

“We’ve got to save these restaurants because that’s one of the great quality of life and aspects of Roseville is there is so many different kinds of restaurants here,” Alvord said.

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