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Coronavirus: Your questions answered

ABC10 viewers asked questions about the coronavirus, here is what our team found out.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As more people contract the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States, concerns and questions continue to pop up about the virus infecting thousands around the world.

The Center for Disease Control said several of the coronavirus cases were contracted through person-to-person contact.

When people have the illness they present symptoms like the flu:

  • headache
  • runny nose
  • cough
  • fever
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath

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ABC10 asked viewers what they wanted to know about the coronavirus. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions asked.

How does the flu compare to the coronavirus?

The overall death rate in the China study for the coronavirus was 2.3% of the first 45,000 cases, according to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

In contrast, the overall death rate for the flu is a fraction of one percent. In the United States, however, you're more likely to get the flu than the coronavirus.

Should I wear a mask?

Health professionals do not suggest wearing a mask unless you are sick. Masks can help people who are sick minimize spreading the virus to others.

People should only wear a mask if their doctor recommends it, according to the CDC.

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How can I avoid contracting the coronavirus?

Four key things to keep in mind when attempting to avoid contracting the coronavirus are:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Don't touch your face or wear a mask.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Clean commonly used surfaces, including your cellphone, often.

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Are there any special things I should do if I am already sick with another illness?

People who are immunocompromised should speak with their doctor about what they should do to help protect themselves from the coronavirus and other illnesses, according to Harvard Medical School.

Should people be careful when receiving a package that came from China?

The CDC said that while there is still a lot to learn about the transmission of the coronavirus, there is a very low risk of a person contracting the coronavirus from a package. Packages are shipped over several days and are kept at ambient temperatures, helping to lower the chance of infection.

What should I do if I am feeling symptoms of the coronavirus?

People who think they are sick with the coronavirus should stay home unless they are going to the doctors after communicating with their doctor. The CDC recommends staying away from pets and people as much as possible if you are sick with the coronavirus.

Is there a cure?

There is no current cure or vaccine for COVID-19, according to the CDC. Currently, there are vaccines being tested; however, it will take time before the vaccine would be available to the public.

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