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What you need to know about going to large events in California after June 15

After California reopens on June 15, there will still be some COVID-19 protocols when going to large events.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — People preparing to go to a conference, festival, concert, sports event or any other mass gathering may still have COVID-19 restrictions that they need to follow to attend the event.

According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), after the state's reopening on June 15, events with more than 5,000 people indoors or 10,000 people outdoors in attendance will have certain coronavirus protocols that they need to follow.

Even though the state is reopening, California public health officials want to keep the rate of COVID-19 transmissions low, and large events still pose a threat to increase the rate of transmission of the virus.

So the California Department of Public Health requires that large event organizers:

  • Require verification of fully vaccinated status or a negative COVID-19 test result of all attendees.
  • Provide information on all communication with attendees about the need for vaccination proof or negative test proof.
  • Require attendees to follow CDPH Guidance for Face Coverings.
  • Have Attendees who do not verify vaccination status wear face coverings.  
  • Make masks available for all attendees.

For now, the California Department of Public Health expects these requirements for events to go away after Oct. 1. But they plan to reassess the decision to end the event requirements in September.

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The COVID-19 test, whether a PCR test or an antigen test, must be conducted within 72 hours before the event's start time. The results of the test must be available before entry into the event or venue.

Event attendees can show the proof of the test or vaccination with a physical or virtual copy of the test result or vaccination card. Businesses and venue operators may also allow attendees to self-attest to their vaccination status or COVID-19 test results.

The state is also asking the venues and event organizers to:

  • Encourage attendees to get vaccinated when eligible.
  • Increase the ventilation of indoor spaces (i.e., open all windows and doors to increase natural airflow). 
  • Following current CDPH and CalOSHA guidance.
  • Encourage attendees to sign up for CA Notify to receive alerts when they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Convey the risk of attending large crowded events for populations that may not currently be eligible for vaccination, unvaccinated, or may be immunocompromised.
  • Encourage outdoor gatherings as opposed to indoor gatherings.

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