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Local shoppers react to mask restrictions lifted for businesses in California

While some businesses may still require masks, locals are mostly optimistic about California's reopening.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — At a Walmart in Sacramento on Tuesday morning, several people were happy to start getting back to some semblance of normal. 

“I’m like really excited to start doing things again," said Blake Robinson, a local shopper. "From getting out…like we wanted to go mini golfing, and there’s not much places open, so I’m just excited for the little things to get back open to get back to doing stuff.”

The state of California has officially reopened as of June 15, and though some have mixed feelings about the changes, businesses are no longer required to mandate masks indoors

After nearly a year and a half of closures and restrictions, many Californians are more than ready to get back to doing what they love. 

“I’m very excited," said Sheila Shattuck, an Elk Grove resident. "I can’t stand wearing those masks. I’ve been vaccinated. Just to be able to go back to the movies. To be able to go back in all the little stores that were closed down. We had to give up yoga. I’m sorry...but I do miss it.”

While some activities continued on through the pandemic outdoors, the reopening date signifies a shift in the state's pandemic recovery. California is doing away with the tier system, allowing all counties to reopen fully with some lingering modifications. 

A lot of people have voiced their confusion over the reopening process and what those lasting safety modifications look like. 

If you are fully vaccinated, you can take your mask off in most public places. This includes restaurants, grocery stores, the mall, and movie theaters. Schools, hospitals, prisons and jails and public transportation are areas where masks must be kept on. Similarly, some businesses can still require masks, so it may be best to keep one on your person. 

Still, the locals that ABC10 spoke to were largely optimistic about this newest phase in the coronavirus pandemic. 

Even those who were more neutral to mask wearing, like Ivan Robles of Sacramento, were excited to start moving forward. 

“I got vaccinated, so I’m pretty happy to not have to wear the mask anymore," Robles said. "I don’t really mind it. I’ve been used to it for months now wearing it in and out of warehouses. I’m pretty excited to finally be able to walk around without it.” 


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