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'You have to get vaccinated' | As Sacramento man battles COVID-19 in ICU, loved ones get vaccine

Anthony “Big Bunk” Moreno has been intubated in the ICU at the University of California Medical Center in Sacramento while battling coronavirus.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Anthony "Big Bunk" Moreno, a Sacramento area security guard, has spent 22 days in the hospital, away from his family members because of COVID-19.

“I mean he’s got the biggest heart of anybody I know,” Alex Saldana, Moreno’s eldest son, said.

Anthony is a boyfriend, father to two adult sons, and took in his girlfriend’s three children like his own, family members said. He's also known for helping raise money to feed the homeless, even during and through the pandemic. Family and friends say the man has a big heart, loves his family, and is a die hard 49ers fan.

Close friends and family say Anthony was a vaccine skeptic, who wasn’t convinced of the science or safety. Marisa Sanchez, a longtime friend and sister-in-law, said Anthony told her just before he was intubated that he would have taken the vaccine had he known how seriously it could have affected him and his family.

“Living the hell that we live right now and having to deal with this first hand. I would definitely tell anyone who isn’t vaccinated, you have to get vaccinated,” Sanchez said.

Anthony's girlfriend Nicole Cordero says she is now planning to get the vaccine, even though she was also hesitant. She said she knows now that it can prevent a serious disease.

“Seeing him in the condition that he’s in, that’s what’s making me get the vaccine,” Cordero said.


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