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Sacramento State student donates unemployment checks | Everyday Heroes

Emily Aulert is a Sacramento State student using her unemployment check to help others struggling through the pandemic.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Everyday Heroes are all around us and ABC10 wants to highlight the work they do. Every week our viewer nominates people and organizations making a difference in our community.  

This week we want to introduce you to Emily Aulert. She’s a Sacramento State student using her unemployment check to help others struggling through the pandemic.

When Aulert applied for unemployment, not only was she surprised she got a check right away, but she was also surprised at how big it was. 

“When I applied for unemployment, I got 10 times more than what I would have got working,” Aulert told ABC10.  

Before the pandemic, Aulert was lucky to make a few hundred dollars at her part-time restaurant job. But when she received the federal stimulus money with her unemployment check it was over $600. 

“It felt a little greedy to keep because I didn’t deserve that,” she said.

The 22-year-old Sac State senior says she’s fortunate. Her family helps support her education, so she decided to pay that extra unemployment cash forward. 

“I basically took it upon myself to donate my extra $600 a week each week,” Aulert said.

That donation was going to a website called Pandemic of Love. Every week the Pandemic of Love website sends Aulert a list of people in need along with their profile. It’s up to her to contact the recipients and figure out she can help. 

“I was giving out grocery gift cards or money through PayPal,” said Aulert.

She has helped dozens of families and she’s even started a GoFundMe account so more people can donate even after the stimulus program ends. 

“I have over $8,000 to give out right now,” said Aulert.

Emily Aulert is an Everyday Hero supporting struggling families during the pandemic. You can help out her cause by donating on her GoFundMe page.

If you want to nominate an Everyday Hero, email John Bartell at jbartell@abc10.com

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