SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Click here to donate to your most vulnerable neighbors now.

We at ABC10 know that in these unprecedented times, relief may be hard to come by for many individuals and working families. That’s why we’ve teamed up with United Way of California to provide assistance to those most impacted right here in our neighborhoods. Together, we are raising funds to help our most vulnerable neighbors, feeling the greatest impact of the COVID-19 crisis -- those who are either under quarantine, or those who have lost their jobs and are already having difficulty meeting their daily expenses. This is happening right here in your backyard and the money raised will go to help those who live in the 16 counties that ABC10 serves.

United Way COVID 19 Relief Effort

Over one in three (37%) households in California struggle to meet the cost of a basic standard of living, according to United Ways of California’s Real Cost Measure study. These aren’t just statistics. These are real people who need our help. Together, ABC10 and California United Ways will ensure funds raised during this critical time will be directed to help people who are disproportionately impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. These are our homeless neighbors, low-income working families, individuals and students who are at risk of economic hardships and lack of access to healthcare and academic support.

Your donation will help those in need meet basic living expenses – keep the heat on, buy groceries, and pay the rent. Please join us in proving that the pandemic might be keeping us apart, but it won’t keep us from coming together to help each other.

Click here to donate now.