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Placer County among leaders in vaccines administered per 100,000 residents

Placer County is one of the leading counties in the state giving out the most doses per 100,000 residents with about 74,078 doses administered.

PLACER COUNTY, Calif. — Vaccination rollout has been a struggle across California. Though no area has had it easy, some Northern California counties have seen some success with their distribution.

Placer County has given 74,078. The number may seem small compared to the statewide distribution amount, but it is significant. Placer County is one of the state's leading counties, giving out the most doses per 100,000 residents.

Since January 28, 5.77 million doses have been administered in California.

Dr. Rob Oldham, Placer County’s director of health and human services and interim health officer,  says robust staffing and local partnerships with healthcare providers have been key. Also, county-run clinics, including the one located at Placer County’s At The Grounds.

“Just in the last week we have administered over 5,000 doses and we’re now over 20,000 doses just at that one clinic,” Oldham said.  

Dr. Tom Hopkins, of Roseville, told ABC10 he is not surprised by the numbers of doses given in Placer County. As a healthcare provider, he was eligible to be vaccinated at a Placer County clinic.

"I was really impressed with the ease with which you were able to sign on getting the appointments," Hopkins said. "The reminder of your appointment and then just physically when you go there the layout and the flow, the workflow I thought was really exceptional."

Despite its strong numbers, Oldham points to other challenges. Like other counties, Placer is at the mercy of how many doses are allocated. The county faces difficulties getting vaccines administered to places like its eastern region, which is home to around 10% of the county population.

“We really don't have any full-time public health staff up there,” Oldham said, “So it's been tough for us to run a vaccine clinic up there, and so we've been partnering with other providers in the eastern Placer region.

As the county gets more partners in administering vaccines, Oldham says their focus will continue filling in the gaps.

“We also really are starting to think more about how do we ensure that the vaccine is allocated equitably too,” Oldham said, “That the most vulnerable populations are also included.”  


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