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Less talk on vaccine side effects | Health Beat with Brea Love

Dr. Tom Hopkins clears up some concerns over side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine. Some say side effects aren't talked about enough.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Health Expert Dr. Tom Hopkins is helping to clear up some concerns over side effects from the vaccine in this week's Health Beat with Brea Love. Some people have expressed that there’s not enough talk about side effects lately, especially after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine went through a temporary pause.

Hopkins said side effects happen often for vaccines, but you don’t hear about them because the risk for them is low. He said sometimes reactions can be due to internal factors in the individual person and don’t have anything to do with the vaccine.

“Getting the vaccine has a much greater benefit than any of these reactions. So, when you think about seizures, people can have a seizure out of the blue for unknown reasons," Hopkins said. "A lot of people who have seizures, we never find out what the reason was that they had a seizure. So, a lot of these reactions are individual reactions and not so much of a global reaction that applies to everyone else."

Hopkins wanted to stress to people that you don’t want to hesitate to get the vaccine because getting it now will build up your immune system, helping to fight away any new variant of COVID-19 that could appear now or in the future.

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