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Coronavirus Map: Tracking the outbreak in real-time

These interactive maps show the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Florida and around the world.

The new respiratory virus, coronavirus, which has flu-like symptoms, was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Its origins were linked to an infected animal at the city's seafood market, which sells exotic wildlife.

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Below are two real-time interactive maps that track reported cases of the virus. 

The map created by the Florida Department of Health tracks Florida counties with confirmed cases.

If the map doesn't load, click here. Continue reading below for the map that tracks cases around the world.

The map from Johns Hopkins University shows the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world, how many deaths the virus has caused, as well as how many people have recovered since being diagnosed.

Johns Hopkins University notes the cases are being gathered by state/province/region and do not in any way represent information for cities. The dots on the map are computer generated and placed near the center of those states/regions/provinces.

If the map doesn't load, click here.

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