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Here's when doctors say to get a flu shot

Doctors say the time to get your flu shot is now. Experts believe this flu season will start early again.

SACRAMENTO, California — Experts with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health expect an early flu season this year

Last season started early as well. It spiked in November when that typically doesn't happen until January or February.

Experts said it's going to take another year or two before we see what's considered a typical flu season again. Despite the early prediction, Sutter Independent Physicians Pediatrician Dr. Beatrice Tetteh said the advice remains the same. 

"We try to recommend getting your flu shot before flu season. So we say 'flu before you boo.' Get your flu shot before trick-or-treating, so if you get it before October 31st then you've gotten it before the heart of cold flu season begins," Dr. Tetteh said. 

She said this is especially important for those with asthma, respiratory issues, or babies who were born prematurely. It's best for parents and anyone who is around a compromised individual to vaccinate as well. That's a strategy offer referred to as "cocooning." Its aim is to protect the most vulnerable by vaccinating everyone who comes in close contact with that person. 

People can also sign up for RSV and COVID-19 vaccines/boosters. It's not uncommon to get the COVID-19 and flu vaccines at the same time. 

Find a flu shot appointment at CVS HERE.

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