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Here are some food swaps to help reduce added sugar intake | Meg Unprocessed

Added sugar shows up in a lot more everyday foods than people may think such as salad dressing, pasta sauce and ketchup.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It's estimated that Americans eat 17 tsp of added sugar a day. This isn't talking about sugar from fruit. This is the processed sugar that is being added to a lot of foods that you might not expect. This is why I always stress reading the ingredient labels on products you buy from the store. 

Pasta sauce is one of those products that will usually have added sugar in it. Make sure to look for labels that say "no added sugar" if you don't want sugar mixed in with your spaghetti. 

A lot of salad dressings sold in stores will pack in the added sugar. You think you're doing something healthy by eating a salad, but a lot of times the dressing is ruining it. Making your own salad dressing is a great option, but if you don't have time for that make sure to look for the dressings without sugar in the ingredient list. 

Ketchup served at most restaurants contains high fructose corn syrup which is one the most harmful sugars we can consume and will shoot up your daily intake of sugar. There are a few store-bought ketchups that are unsweetened. 

Yogurt is another product that you might think, "oh I'm eating something healthy", but the majority of them are loaded with sugar! Again look for the unsweetened yogurt options to keep your sugar levels low.

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