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Why you shouldn't fight through painful workouts | Health Beat with Brea Love

You might want to think twice about the phrase "No pain, no gain." A recent survey shows many people over 35 years old push through painful workouts.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A recent Orlando Health survey shows that one in four Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 years old push past their pain when working out. 

The phrase no pain, no gain is something many have heard, but ABC10 Health Expert Dr. Tom Hopkins said it's not true. 

He said you should know your body. It's okay to feel some soreness after a workout, but pain could be a warning sign that something is or is about to be injured. His best advice is to listen, stop, and heal.

"Give it time to relax because when you're talking about working out if you will, it could be injury to tendons, it could be damage to cartilage, or it can be strain, or you could tear a muscle," Hopkins said. "Those things require time."

If you push past that pain you could get stuck with an injury that lasts longer or causes yourself more pain and dysfunction.

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