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Radon: Protecting yourself from the leading cause of non-smoking lung cancer | Health Beat with Brea Love

The radioactive material is often found in old buildings, rocks and soil―one of the reasons health experts warn against drinking unfiltered standing water.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The most recent report from the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists shows out of more than 16,000 lung cancer cases in California, about 1,100 were from radon.

Radon is an environmental hazard and chemical element.

Its a radioactive material often found in rocks and soil is the reason standing water can be prone to carrying radon.

Also found in old buildings and structures, you can't smell or taste it, but there are kits that can test for it. ABC10 Health Expert Dr. Tom Hopkins shared how you can protect yourself:

"I would say the way we avoid it is that we avoid being around environments where the buildings are old. Where you're not sure about the structure, that's the way we can minimize it. If you're in that environment for a longer time, the higher the risk. But if it's short period of time then it really doesn't pose any dangers."

Hopkins said smoking is still the leading cause of lung cancer, but if you're having any symptoms like a cough with blood that won't go away, chest pain, and unexplained weight loss you should see your doctor.

Early detection is key to surviving.

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