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Tips to cope with stress amid mass shootings, inflation and COVID surges | Health Beat with Brea Love

Mass shootings, inflation, and COVID-19 surges can take a toll on your mental health. CalHOPE counselors say people are looking for a way to cope.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — There are many things going on in the world right now that are taking a toll on mental health. From mass shootings, wars, inflation, high gas prices, and COVID-19 surges, it's typical not to feel your best. 

Health Education Council Program Director Lupita Rodriguez says CalHOPE Crisis counselors are seeing stress building up in personal finances and relationships. She said people are looking for a way out and she wants people to remember it's okay, not feel okay. Rodriguez shared some signs of struggling you might spot in a loved one.

"They aren't reaching out, they're quieter. This maybe continues for a bit and is unusual for their personality. Anything really that's unusual for their personality. If you are somebody trusted and close to this person, then really reaching out is very important and simply being there," Rodriguez said. "I think the one way to do it is to say 'hey, I've noticed this. Is there something going on? Is there something that I can help you with?'"

Rodriguez said be prepared to listen, or if the person isn't ready to talk, then just be there and let them know that whenever they feel like talking that you will be there.

Talking to someone is a major coping strategy. She said you never want to isolate yourself and suggests connecting with a trusted family member or friend who will not pass judgment. You can also reach out to CalHOPE where a trained crisis counselor can offer strategies to help you improve how you're feeling. 

You can reach CalHOPE at 833-317-HOPE or you can visit this website.

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