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Vaccines and COVID-19 variants | Health Beat with Brea Love

Our Health Expert is in to answer questions on the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes to variants of the virus.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — ABC10's health experts answer your questions every Tuesday on Morning Blend on the Health Beat with Brea Love.

This week, ABC10 Health Expert Dr. Tom Hopkins is answering questions on the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes to variants of the virus.

Dr. Hopkins said some people are asking if they should wait to get a vaccine that covers all of the variants of COVID-19. He says that’s not a good idea.

“When you look at the science of it, I think really I go back to them and understand there are going to be variants just like there are with the flu vaccine and it’s likely that were going to need to make a vaccine every year, one or two years that really encompasses all of these variants so you can be protected," Dr. Hopkins said. "The bottom line is the vaccines protect and save lives and the only way to know that is for you to get vaccinated."

Dr. Tom said most of these questions about whether or not to get the vaccine are fear-based. He said searching for a provider you trust and talking to them about the COVID-19 vaccine can help alleviate some of the worry people are feeling.

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