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Why more women are getting vaccinated than men | Health Beat with Brea Love

The CDC recently reported a more than nine million-person gap between vaccinated women and men. Our Health Expert explains why.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — More women are choosing to get vaccinated for COVID-19 than men, according to the CDC.

The CDC recently reported a more than nine-million-person gap between vaccinated women and men. ABC10 Health Expert Dr. Kohli explains why in this week’s Health Beat with Brea Love.

She said women are known to be rule followers. They typically take charge of their preventative care, medicines and handle the rest of the family’s medical care, too. Kohli said these personality differences might be a reason for the gap.

“I really hope that the men listen up and try to catch up because the mortality or the risk of dying from COVID is actually higher in men than it is in women. It’s important for males to catch up and get the vaccine, and make sure that we’re really having good representation with the number in the population really reflecting the number that are getting the vaccine,” Kohli said.

She also mentioned the life expectancy is higher in women, which results in more women in the older population and more women in that population who are vaccinated.

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