SACRAMENTO, Calif. — President Donald Trump offered to extend DACA and hundreds of millions in humanitarian border aid in exchange for billions in funding for a physical barrier and Southern border security.

Layla Razavi is the policy director for the California Immigration Policy Center. The organization advocates for immigrants’ rights.

She criticized the President’s offer which she contends offered no real solution to America’s immigration issues.

“He was responding to… a crisis and disaster of his own making,” Razavi said. “The situation that’s taking place at the border, the government shutdown, the refugees and asylum seekers.”

While the President called for both sides to come together to break the stalemate in Washington, Razavi added says she saw no willingness to compromise.

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She specifically criticized the administration for rescinding the DACA program and the President for offering an extension to the program in return for border security funding.

“Taking things away to give them back is not how negotiations and good faith bargaining takes place,” Razavi said.

Razavi is calling for immigration reform that provides relief including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.


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