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Infection after nail salon visit? It's common and happened to ABC10's Madison Meyer

"Unfortunately, it is a common problem [throughout] our establishments in California. We license a lot technicians, and establishments, and this [is] one of the common complaints we receive."

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — ABC10's Madison Meyer visited a nail salon in Sacramento on Sunday and two days later her finger was infected.

The technician doing Madison's nails nicked her ring finger using a metal nail grinder. Madison didn't think anything about it at the time because accidents happen and it was such a small cut. 

On Tuesday, that same finger turned bright red and was blotchy. Something wasn't right.

Madison went to the doctor and was told she had an infection, more than likely linked to that nail salon visit.

She hesitated even sharing her story because she didn't want the focus to be on the salon she went to, but rather on what can be done, as consumers, to prevent this from happening.

Madison posted the story on her Facebook page and it generated a lot of comments from people who claimed they have also been infected after a visit to a nail salon.

PSA and maybe a little TMI... I got an infection from a nail salon in #Sacramento I share this for others out there that even a tiny cut can lead to this. 😐 Makes me wonder what regulations are...

"Unfortunately, it is a common problem [throughout] our establishments in California. We license a lot technicians, and establishments, and this [is] one of the common complaints we receive," said Veronica Harms, with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Since it is so common, the Department of Consumer Affairs established the safe salon campaign

"If you see something, say something. We have rights as consumers and we want to make sure everyone knows those rights," Harms said.

So, what are those rights? 

Some people suggested on Facebook, why not bring in your own tools to a nail salon?

Well, you can bring in your own tools, but according to the Department of Consumer Affairs, licensed nail salons cannot use them because they can't prove those tools are sanitary.

As it turns out, what needs to be sanitized is very specific.

"If it's a metal device, it has to be sterile and disinfected between each use. If not, it has to be new. Make sure that any metal device that's being used has come from a container that's clean," Harms said. 

If the tools are not metal, then they must be brand new when used on you. Then after being used, they have to go in the trash. 

"You can request new nail files and buffers if you feel that it's already been used. It's law. They are supposed to use new ones and get a new one between each use," Harms added. 

It's also important to make sure you don't have any cuts. And if you do get a cut at the salon, treat it right away.

"Any open wound is the cause to any infection as well," Harms said.

If this happens to you... what can you do? 

Besides getting it checked out, you can file a compliant with consumer affairs. Every compliant is taken seriously and could lead to an investigation or inspection. 

We all need to remember, we have rights as consumers and as clients. 

If you need to ask to see the tools cleaned in front of you, then ask. There's nothing wrong with doing what you can to be safe.

Continue the conversation with Madison on Facebook.


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