About 100 soldiers from Northern California were welcomed home from a deployment in the Middle East by hundreds of their friends and family members at the Sacramento International Jet Center on Saturday.

The California National Guard soldiers from the Sacramento and Chico areas, returned from a 10-month training deployment in Kuwait in support of missions across the Middle East.

The soldiers touched down shortly after noon and were welcomed by water cannons as their plane taxied to the Jet Center.

Wednesday Ahlers of Petaluma said waited with her three young children with signs as her husband Jeffrey Ahlers returned home from deployment.

“We waited 10 months for this moment, the kids are excited," Ahlers said. "We’re ready to have him home participating in soccer, sports, school – All that type of stuff,” Wednesday

Soldier Anthony Horne said he was fortunate to be given a two-week leave to witness his daughter’s birth – the last time he saw her was when she was five days old. He returned exactly four months after her birth and is excited to be with his family.

“It feels amazing," Horne said. "I’ve been gone for so long, so me coming back it definitely feels unreal still.”

His wife Takayla Horne said it was hard to be pregnant while her husband was away on deployment, but describes how much members of the armed forces liker her husband mean to her.

“They mean so much and I don’t think this country would be anything without them,” Takayla Horne said.

Visit this link for a list of resources for soldiers and military families.