A 14-year-old was killed Wednesday in Calaveras County after another teenager accidentally shot him, according to deputies. Family members identified the boy as Colby Fouch of West Point.

“Everybody loved Colby,” Mason Fouch, Colby’s adoptive brother said.

Mason Fouch sayid he ran to his brother’s side when he heard he had been shot. But when he saw him, he says he knew Colby wouldn’t make it.

“I already knew then. Seeing the hole in his throat, I knew it for a fact,” Mason said.

He said the 16-year-old who shot his brother was his friend and that the two boys were hanging out in a piece of land close to Colby’s house.

Although, the sheriff's department said they were told the boys were bird hunting.

“Where the hunting comes in, it says reportedly, it’s an alleged reported hunting accident,” Sgt. Anthony Eberhardt, Public Information Officer for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department said. “All the aspects and the motive and the relationship between the two, that’s all currently being investigated.”

Mason said he wants to think it was just an accident.

“I wouldn't think that he would do it,” Mason said. “I couldn’t see him doing it because they're friends.”

The 16-year-old who pulled the trigger was arrested for negligence when shooting the firearm.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Dept wouldn’t comment on what type of gun he had or how he got ahold of it.