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15 police departments that offer vacation checks while you’re away

Vacation House Checks are a popular service from police departments that often have volunteer patrols watch over the houses of vacationing residents.

Leaving behind belongings can be nerve-wracking for vacationers. Luckily, these local police departments have a way to put their minds at ease.

Vacation House Checks are a popular service from police departments that often have volunteer patrols watch over the houses of vacationing residents.

1.Turlock Police Department

House checks are available through the Turlock Police Department. The service is performed by Patrol Volunteers that serve as the department's “extra eyes and ears.” Turlock residents are asked to drop off a form at least two weeks before departure at the Turlock Police Department. An application can be found here.

2. Modesto Police Department

Modesto Police Department is coming off a popular response to their recent vacation check post on Facebook. The service is available to Modesto residents who will be away from their home between five and 30 days. Police volunteers will patrol the residence for anything out of the ordinary and, if something suspicious occurs, police officers can investigate. The application process is located here.

3. Ripon Police Department

Ripon Police Department offers vacation checks for two week intervals. In the event that the Ripon resident is gone longer than two weeks, the department asks that extra forms are taken and mailed to the department. The service is conducted by volunteers, and the department cannot guarantee that a home will be checked on a daily basis. An application can be found here.

4. Manteca Police Department

While Manteca residents are out of town, members of the Manteca Police SHARP volunteer program can check on their homes. These volunteers go to residences, walk the perimeter, and look for signs of unlawful entry, foul play, unlocked doors and windows, and other possible issues.

There is a minimum four days and maximum of 30 days for the service. The service applies to residential properties and not business properties or vacant houses. Walk-around checks will not be done if the home has a house sitter staying in them. Those who sign up will even get an email when they return showing what days their address was checked. To sign up for a vacation check, Manteca residents can click here.

5. Tracy Police Department

Volunteer police officers can perform home checks for Tracy residents while they are away. They serve as “extra eyes and ears” for the department. Tracy residents interested in the Vacation House Check program can fill out a form and submit it five days before they leave. These forms can be done by mail or by fax. A forms are downloadable here.

6. Sacramento Police Department South Command

This vacation check service is a pilot program for the Problem Oriented Policing team and was announced on Nextdoor. South Sacramento residents have already been selected for the Sacramento Police Department’s Vacation Check Program. The program has a POP team member check on the resident's house while they are out of town. However, it was announced on Nextdoor that the pilot program has reached capacity.

7. Folsom Police Department

This service is brought to the people of Folsom by the Citizens Assisting Public Safety. These checks are limited to no more than 30 days due to the high volume of requests. Checks are not done for properties that have someone staying in them while the resident is absent. An application can be found here.

8. Vacaville Police Department

Vacaville residents can participate in the Vacation House Check program. This is a community service program sponsored by the Vacaville Police Department and staffed by police volunteers. House checks are done Monday through Friday. An application can be downloaded here.

9. Lincoln Police Department

Residents of Lincoln can submit a Vacation Home Check Request form to their police department. There is 60 day maximum per request, and requests cannot be accepted if the home has doors or windows deliberately left open, if guests are staying in the home, of if the home is “For Sale or Rent” and might be showed by an agent.

Checks are done on a random basis as time and staffing allow, but the department cannot guarantee that a check will be made. The department also advises that the program should not be used in place of home security methods, systems, or devices. Applications can be mailed to the police department. An application is available for download here.

10. Roseville Police Department

Police volunteers can check on Roseville resident’s homes who apply for a vacation house check. The Citizens on Patrol volunteers check the outside of the house and make sure doors and gates are secure. They also make sure unwanted papers or advertisements are removed from the porch.

When problems are identified, the resident will be notified and a police officer will respond if appropriate. Applications should be submitted at least a week before the resident’s departure date. An application can downloaded here.

11. Davis Police Department

The Davis Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit oversees vacation house checks for its residents, and police volunteers provide the program. Volunteers will check homes on random days and at random times to make sure that it is secure. If anything suspicious occurs, the resident will be notified. Volunteers will not enter yards with pets and will not feed pets, water lawns, or collect mail. The department will need three days notice prior to the resident’s departure. An application can be downloaded here.

12. Auburn Police Department

Police Volunteers provide security checks on vacationing resident’s homes. The service provides a uniformed volunteer who will do a visual check of the house and ensure there is no obvious damage to property. If there’s suspicious activity, they report the activity back to patrol officers for investigation.

The form needs to be completed at least two days before departure, and the checks are normally done on weekdays during business hours, but if staffing is available, checks can be done beyond the time frames. Residents who provide a phone number can be informed if an incident happens on their property. The application for a vacation property check can be found here.

13. Yuba City Police Department

Yuba City residents can take advantage of the Vacation Patrol service from Yuba City Police Department. The form must be mailed to the department at least five days before the resident leaves or turned into the front counter at the police department. A form can be found here.

14. Rocklin Police Department

Rocklin residents can have police department volunteers check on their home while their away. The service is available Monday through Friday. Those interested in the program can call the police department or deliver the application to the department. An application can be found here.

15. Elk Grove Police Department

Elk Grove Volunteers in Police Service, who partner with Elk Grove Police Department, provide a Residential Vacation Check program for the residents of Elk Grove. Volunteers patrol registered houses, check front and back yards, windows, and doors. These volunteers are trained to notice inconsistencies that may relate to a burglary. When residents return, they will get a copy of the logs kept by the volunteer patrol. The service only applies to residents on vacation; Vacant homes or general security checks for occupied homes are not provided. An application can be found here.